Price Comparison with Monthly/Annually Charged Module Based for
PHARMACY in Bangladesh DHAKA

Starter Ultra V2 Business Ultra V2 Power Ultra V2 Premium Ultra V2 Enterprise Ultra V2 Deluxe Ultra V2 Corporate Ultra V2 Supreme Ultra V2
No. of User  50 60 80 100 120 140 160 180
One Time Cost 93500 BDT 111750 BDT 136125 BDT 161000 BDT 198000 BDT 235500 BDT 280000 BDT 311125 BDT
Online Version 210 BDT/module/
200 BDT/module/
190 BDT/module/
180 BDT/module/
170 BDT/module/
180 BDT/module/
170 BDT/module/
160 BDT/module/
Online & Offline 250 BDT/module/
240 BDT/module/
230 BDT/module/
220 BDT/module/
210 BDT/module/
220 BDT/module/
210 BDT/module/
200 BDT/module/
Each Additional Outlet 8450 BDT 7950 BDT 7450 BDT 6950 BDT 6450 BDT 5950 BDT 5450 BDT 4950 BDT
Free Support Hour 50 Hours 55 Hours 60 Hours 65 Hours 70 Hours 80 Hours 90 Hours 100 Hours
Additional Support 240 BDT/Hours
Server Type VPS Server
Basic SMS
Basic Manufacturing
Advance SMS Marketing
Advance Sales Features
Advance Accounts/Finance
Advance Manufacturing
Ecommerce Android Apps
Android Apps For Software
Aliexpress Like Ecommerce
Aliexpress Like Android
Aliexpress Like Seller Apps
iOS Apps For E-Commerce
Advance HRM
iOS Apps For Software
Aliexpress Like iOS Apps
Aliexpress Like iOS Seller
Alibaba Like Multi Vendor
Alibaba Like Multi Seller
Alibaba Like Multi Country

Grow Your Pharmacy with NGICON ERP Pharmacy Software

  1. POS
  2. SALES
  8. Basic SMS
  9. Dynamic E-COMMERCE
  10. Basic Manufacturing
  11. Advance SMS Marketing
  12. Advance Sales Features
  13. Advance Accounts/Finance
  14. Advance E-COMMERCE
  15. Advance Manufacturing
  16. Ecommerce Android Apps
  17. HRM
  19. Android Apps For Software
  20. Export/Import
  21. Aliexpress Like Ecommerce
  22. Aliexpress Like Android
  23. Aliexpress Like Seller Apps

  24. No of User: 180 (One hundred Eighty).
    Online Version Cost: 160 BDT/module/monthly/outlet.
    Online & Offline: 200 BDT/module/monthly/outlet.
    Each Additional Outlet: 4950 BDT
    Free Support Hour: 100 Hours
    Additional Support: 240 BDT/Hours.
    Server Type: VPS Server.

Bangladesh's No.1 Pharmacy | Medicine Management (POS ERP) Software

    *** Specialty of our Web Base NGICON-ERP [Next Generation ICON For ERP] Solution:
    1. Proper control.
    2. No extra special hardware.
    3. No installation.
    4. Accessible from anywhere.
    5. Very fast communication.
    6. Suited best for the managers.
    7. Supplier and the Customer management.
    8. You Only Need A Browser.
    9. Lower Up-Front Costs for Software.
    10. Lower Up-Front Costs for Hardware.
    11. Lower Administration Costs.
    12. Shorter Implementation Time Frame.
    13. Lower Costs for Multiple Locations.
    14. Work From Home.
    15. High-End Databases.
    16. No More Backup Worries.
    17. Up-to-date Application Code.
    18. Global Visibility.
    19. Access from Any Time, any Place & Any Device.
    20. Our NGICON-ERP has a single point of maintenance.
    21. NGICON-ERP makes expanding to a new location a breeze- as the additional IT
    investment is minimal. There is no need to deploy distributed servers or powerful PCs in every site; an Internet connection and a standard browser is all you need.
    22. Fully Automation.
    23. NGICON-ERP allows the extended organization – including all employees, suppliers
    and Customer's.
    24. NGICON-ERP allows telecommuting and increases the morale of your employees.
    25. NGICON-ERP allows you to easily integrate external services such as email, analytics or CRM, creating mashups where the resulting combination brings more value than the individual components.

    *** Services to our valuable Pharmacy customers which are given by us is given below:
    • Easy & Fast Billing
    • Prescription Management
    • Cashier and Home Delivery
    • Expiry and Near Expiry
    • Touch Screen & Barcode
    • Stockes, Accounts & 1000's MIS
    • Schedule-H & Narcotics
    • Sms/Email/ Excel/Csv

    • Computerization Benefits of Pharmacy Software
    • Billing Features
    • Record System
    • Purchase Features
    • Accounting Features
    • MIS Reports
    • Other Features
    • Stock Report
    Simple to Use | Easy to Implement | Flexible to Customized Solution
    An automatic image reflects in our mind is the place where it’s difficult for a Pharmacist to remember where particular medicines are placed when there is huge crowd and more difficult to stop pilferage of the medicines. Even manual billing makes the task more difficult. POS System ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) is a management system designed not only for shopping malls but for retail stores, warehouses and supermarkets as well. Mall Enterprise Resource Planning allows businesses to setup and to manage their daily operations systematically. Enterprise Resource Planning System can contribute to your mall businesses in various managing aspects. Pharmacy Software helps Pharmacists to access different records like: Billing Information, Reports, Stock Details, Order Management, and many more. NGICON POS ERP Software had come up with the solutions which are prior beneficial for the Pharmacists. NGICON POS ERP Software with the motto of “No more worries in handling pharmacies; No more troubles in keeping the records of medicine ;No more headache in maintaining stocks, bills “ developed NGICON POS ERP Pharmacy Software for the Pharmacists for the easy and conveniently handling their Pharmacy shops as it makes billing quite faster and easier. In NGICON POS ERP Pharmacy Software there are features for automatic updates on Negative Stocks, Prescription Pending, Expiry Stock alerts, Reminder regarding appointments. In NGICON POS ERP Pharmacy Software, Stock maintenance is quite easier; you can maintain stock via – general way, Supplier wise, Company wise, Product wise, Batch wise etc.. Evaluation of stock becomes easier you can set alert over the stocks which are costly or less costly; expiry dates wise, negative stock. The best segment of the software is its reporting and easier way to file vat & e return. There are 1000+ types of reports which will help in comparing your sales and purchase, profit and loss through which you can think of the betterment of the sales.
    • Trainings will be conducted by trained professionals provided by Applique Soft.
    • The company will conduct trainings at client’s office as mention earlier a 3 days (per day 3 hours) training will be given for each module. Location of training would be at Our Office/client’s office/Video Conference.
    • Additional trainings will be charge applicable.