Price Comparison with Monthly/Annually Charged Module Based for
Supermarket|Chain Shop in the World UNITED STATES

Starter V-2 Business V-2 Power V-2 Premium V-2 Enterprise V-2 Deluxe V-2 Corporate V-2 Supreme V-2
No. of User  20 25 30 35 40 45 50 60
One Time Cost 74800 BDT 89400 BDT 108900 BDT 128800 BDT 158400 BDT 188400 BDT 224000 BDT 248900 BDT
Online Version 210 BDT/module/
200 BDT/module/
190 BDT/module/
180 BDT/module/
170 BDT/module/
160 BDT/module/
150 BDT/module/
140 BDT/module/
Online & Offline 250 BDT/module/
240 BDT/module/
230 BDT/module/
220 BDT/module/
210 BDT/module/
200 BDT/module/
190 BDT/module/
180 BDT/module/
Each Additional Outlet 8450 BDT 7950 BDT 7450 BDT 6950 BDT 6450 BDT 5950 BDT 5450 BDT 4950 BDT
Free Support Hour 50 Hours 55 Hours 60 Hours 65 Hours 70 Hours 80 Hours 90 Hours 100 Hours
Additional Support 240 BDT/Hours
Server Type VPS Server

###Supermarket Chain Shop POS ERP software

    Smart Billing
    Print Barcode Stickers
    Inventory Management
    Tax Management
    Stock Movement
    Stock Correction
    Serial No. Management
    Customer Management
    Service & Repair
    Data Correction
    AMC Management
    Daily Sales
    Customize Sales Invoice
    2-Way SMS Support
    Financial Accounting
    Analytical Reports
    Event Log Management
    Access Rights
    Coupons and Offers

Smart Billing

    *Quick and easy Billing, scan items with barcode, smart name searches, item search codes.
    *Auto price by customer groups, business locations.
    *Manual Price Control, selection of price for items with multiple prices.
    *Allow more than one item under same barcode.
    *Spot discount for last minute negotiations.
    *Create multiple price lists; accept payments in different payment modes.
    *Manage your purchase entries and supplier payments.

Manage Your Large Inventory

    *Manage your large inventory. Easily upload unlimited products.
    *Create your own categories and sub categoriesand have different views of your inventory.
    *Inventory can be viewed at any category level with rolled up totals.
    *Dynamic drill down view of your inventory based on the inventory view.
    *Easy and quick way to do stock audits and finding discrepancies in actual stock and expected stock.
    *Support of excel files while doing stock audits.

Serial Number Management

    *Manage your items by their serial numbers.
    *Track purchase & sale dates by serial numbers.
    *Manage warranty periods effectively.
    *Search invoices / customers by item serial numbers.
    *Manage item’s serial number, battery serial number and item’s label number.

Stock Movement

    *Manage multiple godowns / warehouses.
    *Keep track of stock kept at different customer locations.
    *View stock for a single company or composite stock of multiple companies.
    *Move stock between two companies.

Daily Sales

    *Quickly view bills made from a specific terminal.
    *Quick view of last few bills.
    *View Daily sales as rolled up totals at any level in your category tree or view.
    *View Sales Totals between any date and time range.
    *View corresponding Sales Invoices or Sales Returns of items mentioned in Daily Sales View.


    *Easily accept items that your customer is exchanging.
    *Create a new item for the item being accepted by you.
    *Use the exchange amount on same day or later day against customer purchases.
    *Use single exchange amount against multiple purchases by customers.
    *Use multiple exchange amounts against a single purchase.

Service and Repair

    *Manage repair and servicing along with sale of your regular items.
    *Record receipt of your customer item.
    *Give customer a receipt of item received from customer.
    *Attach additional items used to repair or service customer item.
    *Include service and repair charges and convert Customer receipt to an invoice.
    *Maintain workflow to know the status of customer's Item given for service/ repair.

Print Your Barcode Stickers

    *Personalize your stickers by using your logo and design.
    *Use normal laser printer or ink jet printer for sticker printing.
    *Support for dedicated sticker printers.
    *Support for A4 size sticker sheets.

Financial Accounting

    *All System required accounts are Auto Generated.
    *You can create any number of additional Financial Accounts.
    *Flexibility to define multiple “Views” of financial accounts.
    *Ability to view Composite Ledgers.
    *Powerful Cash Register Management.

Analytical Reports

    *You can check which brand you are selling most.
    *You can check what material you sell most.
    *You can get report on your fast moving items.
    *You can get reports on your dead stock.
    *You should also be able to quickly see your daily sales statistics, sales returns, stock items and short stocks.

Access Rights

    *Extremely flexible in managing user roles and restricting access to various parts by login id and action history.
    *Restrict access from areas of application from specific computer.
    *Create user groups, functionality groups and manage your own access rights effectively.